Director Julie Checkoway talks to Jim and Cookie Pappas in their kitchen as sound recordist Robin Hilton, cinematographer Richard Chisolm and assistant director Steve Lickteig make preparations to shoot.

Jana Edelbaum and Rachel Cohen- Producers, iDeal Partners

iDeal Partners Film Fund was founded in 2006 by Jana Edelbaum and Dr. Michael Lesser.  Jana Edelbaum is the managing partner of iDeal and oversees the daily operation of the fund.  Adhering to the parameters of Section 181 of the American Jobs Creation Act, iDeal finances and produces independent films made in the United States.  iDeal is building a diversified slate of films in partnership with the country's top film producers.  The company's goal is first and foremost to produce and finance a slate of quality independent feature films and documentaries.  At the same time, iDeal manages the downside risk to our partners and collaborators through presales, casting and state tax incentives.

Prior to forming iDeal, Jana Edelbaum spent twelve years as an independent producer.  Her credits include Romance & Cigarettes, released in the fall of 2007, and Advice From A Caterpillar, which won the Best Feature Award at the US Comedy Art Festival in 2002.  Prior to this, she worked in the fixed income and mezzanine finance divisions of Morgan Stanley International UK, and the M&A division of Ansbacher Media UK.  

iDeal's Head of Production is Rachel Cohen.  Rachel was previously an EVP at TriBeCa Productions, and for seven years before that, SVP Production & Acquisitions at Artisan.  Notable acquisitions include The Blair Witch Project,, and Roger Dodger.

A Film by Julie Checkoway. A Littlest Birds Films Production.