Billy Pappas examines the fine point of his pencil lead. Cookie Pappas being emphatic about her son. Billy Pappas demonstrates that he can make his lips "look exactly like Marilyn Monroe's". Part of Billy Pappas's 'neck school' notes, showing his admonition to himself: "Don't Overdraw". Billy Pappas on the streets of LA. Impresario Larry Link - AKA 'Dr. Lifestyle' - talks excitedly about Billy and the portrait. Billy Pappas makes a big 'prop' to send to David Hockney.
The Pappas family at Billy's art college graduation. Billy Pappas and Brother Rene Sterner waiting with the boxed portrait in LA after the long flight from Baltimore. Stephanie Link - Billy's 'archivist' - at the Roosevelt Hotel in LA. Just one of thousands of tiny marks being on the paper. Jeff Grutkowski, Billy's long-term friend. Billy Pappas's letter to artist David Hockney. Billy Pappas celebrating a big Baltimore Orioles win.
Billy's father Jim Pappas at his Maryland home. Lawrence (Ren) Weschler, professor at NYU and friend of David Hockney. One of Billy Pappas's studies for the portrait, using the neck of his younger sister Gerneen. Hockney's former assistant Charlie Scheips speaks his mind about Billy's portrait. Cookie and Jim Pappas in the kitchen of their Maryland home. Dr. Gary Vikan is the Director of the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore and avid supporter of Billy's work. Billy Pappas using 20-powered magnification to work within a space the size of a period in the newspaper.

A Film by Julie Checkoway. A Littlest Birds Films Production.